Prof. Dr. Mazlan bin Abd. Ghaffar
Vice Chancellor, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Fadzil bin Mohd Akhir
Director, Institute of Oceanography and Environment
Prof. Gs. Ts. Dr. Aidy @ Mohamed Shawal bin
M. Muslim
Mr. Mohd Zulkamal bin Radzi
Treasurer and Sponsorship
Mr. Subarjo Bin Merehojono
Dr. Mohd Uzair bin Rusli
Protocol and Invitation
Ms. Azida Binti Abdullah
Technical and Logistic
Mr. Shukri Bin Arsad
Promotion and Multimedia
Mr. Mohd Azam Bin Mat Yaacob
Ms. Rosfazila Binti Bakar

Scientific Committee

Dr. Mohd Uzair Rusli
  1. Chair committee meetings
  2. Chair Abstract Acceptance Committee
  3. Propose invited speakers
  4. Liaise with Promo & Multimedia Committee
Dr. Nazli Aziz
  1. Abstract Acceptance communications with presenters
  2. Write the Welcoming Note of VC for Program Book
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amin Beiranvand Pour
  1. Evaluate and Recommendation on Abstract with assistance of INOS Researchers/Post Doctorate
  2. Proofread Program Book
Dr. Siti Tafzilmeriam Sheikh Abdul Kadir
  1. Prepare Presentation guidelines
  2. Scheduling of Parallel Sessions
  3. Propose Session Chair
Dr. Safuan Che Din
  1. Liaises with Session Chairs and Timekeeper
  2. Prepare scripts for session chair
  3. Post conference Workshops Coordinator  
Mr. Joseph Anak Bidai
  1. Program Book/Abstract Design and Publication
  2. Web publication of Program Book 
Dr. Mohammad Shawkat Hossain
  1. Biography of invited Speakers
  2. Write the Welcoming Note of TOMSY2022 Chairman for Program Book
Ts. Dr. Azizi Ali
  1. Sponsors Pages for Program Book
  2. Parallel Sessions
Dr. Maizah Mohd Abdullah
  1. Preconference Workshops Coordinator